About Global Health Inclusive

Global Health Inclusive is founded by Christine Fenenga. She is an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience in global health.

‘I am inspired by the goal of achieving health equity for all’

Christine developed her career with hands-on fieldwork as a regional physiotherapist in Morogoro Hospital in Tanzania. She continued her professional career alternately working and pursuing further study, later managing and advising global health programmes in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

‘My curiosity in culture and understanding how culture influences peoples’ perceptions and behaviour in health, triggered me to move into science’.

Christine is people-centred, curious and ambitious. When the opportunity arose, she conducted her PhD research in Ghana. She later participated in various research projects with the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development and the University of Groningen. She co-authored a book on participatory approaches in qualitative research.

Christine connects easily with people from different cultures and engages them in the process, whether this concerns a programme evaluation or developing training curriculum for health professionals.

‘I feel successful and happy when stakeholders enthusiastically together create their plans for the next years’ 

With her enthusiasm, creativity and pragmatism she is able to motivate people and reach targets. She enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams, stimulating learning and knowledge sharing in a variety of cultures.

Christine holds master’s degrees in Public Health from the University of Liverpool and in Medical Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. She holds a doctorate degree in Global Health from the University of Groningen.


Mr Nathaniel Otoo

Senior Fellow, Results for Development, Washington DC. Former CEO National Health Insurance Authority Accra, Ghana.

Christine and I have been thought partners over 13 years, during which period we worked together on several policy and operational interventions in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme. I have benefitted immensely from Christine’s professional support, insights and resourcefulness to reach the heights of health policy making both nationally and internationally.