Welcome to Global Health Inclusive

Are you a national health programme director, targeting one or more diseases? And you want your programme to be reviewed and strengthened with new ideas and ambitious, achievable goals in line with World Health Organization’s strategic plan and the Sustainable Development Goals? A program in which your stakeholders are connected and supportive?

Are you an NGO director, looking for someone to help you develop a stronger, inclusive programme, that successfully captures the voices of the community through participation in the development and implementation of plans?

Are you a programme manager, working on a comprehensive project proposal for a donor and struggling with the millions of requirements the donors nowadays have? Do you need to develop a strong medium- to long-term roadmap with clear targets and intermediate milestones to monitor progress? 

Or are you part of a research team developing an operational research proposal that needs to produce scientific evidence on the effectiveness of a strategy or intervention? But you just lack that specific expertise to include a social-anthropological perspective?  

Global Health Inclusive (GHI), offers the services you are looking for.


GHI Services

GHI’s trademark is quality technical support, using an inclusive approach to achieve desired results. By engaging and listening to all stakeholders and understanding diverse perspectives, GHI establishes partnerships, connections and collaboration. By valuing and embracing diversity and global health dimensions, GHI can help you create successful solutions and sustainable results you are looking for.

GHI services include:

Reviews/ evaluations of policies, strategies, programmes and guidelines

Advice on and design of policies, strategies, program proposals, tools, guidelines, roadmaps, and stakeholder maps

Operational Research covering the health, social, and anthropological field

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GHI Clients

• Ministries of Health

• Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

• Bilateral and Multilateral organisations

• Research Institutions

• Patients Organizations

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Where does GHI’s regional focus lie? Europe, Asia and Africa.


Inclusion of voices of clients, healthcare providers, scientists and policy makers is key to creating societal relevant solutions and successful sustainable change in global health.

Christine Fenenga